The company has been operating in the food conserve sector for over twenty years. In keeping with the times we live in and to meet the needs of the modern client a “ready to eat” product has been created to answer the call of clients who are pushed for time but are not prepared to forgo quality, accuracy, goodness and delicacy of the products.



technology, quality and safety

Granchef Italia products are made following the very highest quality standards. Newly renovated premises, systems and latest generation equipment, staff training, laboratory analysis and meticulous adherence to the production procedures, scrupulously researched by professional technicians allow for the creation of products with excellent standards of food safety. All of this is merged with the professionalism and high level of qualification of our chefs, in addition to food safety, to ensure that delicacy preparations are capable of satisfying the most discerning palates.


Always in step with client needs

The staff at Granchef Italia has always been at the disposal of its clientele and, thanks to the small/medium size of the company, it has the opportunity to assess the needs of each individual client. Bars, restaurants and eateries, community centres, distribution centres, shops… they can all have products devised and created to meet specific needs.